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Best practices for log management and improving problem resolution

Hosted by:

Luca Wintergerst

Luca Wintergerst

Product Marketing Director



Managing the increasing volume of log files can be daunting. And while logs are often crucial to resolving problems, how can you store and use them cost-effectively?

Join Elastic's Luca Wintergerst as he takes on this challenge and provides practical tips and recommendations to help you get the most from your logs. He'll tackle key best practices from onboarding techniques and indexing your data to storing your logs efficiently without compromising accessibility and performance.

He'll also discuss why logs are the foundation of modern observability and how you can get more from them with APM and AIOps. You're generating all the logs you need right now, we'll show you how to unlock their value and gain insights.

In this webinar, we'll review:

  • Five key challenges with managing logs
  • Improving your data onboarding and indexing
  • Managing your logs more cost-effectively
  • Getting more from your logs with APM and AIOps

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