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Artificial intelligence meets search: Powering a new generation of insights

Hosted by

Hayley Sutherland
Hayley Sutherland

Research Manager, Conversational AI and Intelligent Knowledge Discovery


Mandy Andress
Mandy Andress



Alicia Frame
Alicia Frame

Principal Product Manager, Azure Open AI



It's no secret that data is the fuel powering Artificial Intelligence and its adjacent trend, generative AI. Now, imagine if you could apply generative AI tools and principles to the discovery and retrieval of your data itself: we're talking about AI-powered search. Knowledge workers have to find that data before any analysis can take place. Instead of becoming a choke point as in many cases today, AI can transform that search into an AI-powered engine for insights.

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In this webinar, a panel of experts will explore:

  • How AI-powered search solutions can play an expanded role in data quality
  • Privacy and security while driving unprecedented business value

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