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Architecting search apps on Google Cloud with Elasticsearch

Hosted by

Delphin Barankanira
Delphin Barankanira

ISV Cloud Partner Engineer Lead

Google Cloud

Valerio Arvizzigno
Valerio Arvizzigno

Partner Sr. Solutions Architect



Did you know Elastic pairs with Google Cloud native services to give you great architecture patterns and primitives to build your next search application?

Enterprise architects, developers, product managers, and other technical professionals — hear from Google Cloud Partner Engineer Delphin Barankanira and Elastic Sr. Solutions Architect Valerio Arvizzigno — as they dive into architecting and building feature-rich, AI-powered search applications.

Plug Elastic's native connectors to your enterprise data, complemented by the Google Cloud data pipeline services suite. Take advantage of Google's AI ecosystem for enterprises, and build apps with Duet AI or Vertex AI. See how Elastic's multi-modal vector search brings to life online shopping experiences, and improves payment experiences in financial services.


  • How Elastic works with Google Cloud data pipeline solutions such as BigQuery, Pub/Sub, and Dataflow instead of Drive, and native ingestion tools (Google Cloud Storage, Drive)
  • Integrations for machine learning apps, with services such as Vertex AI and PaLM 2
  • Reference architectures and patterns for retrieval augmentation and generative AI, multi-modal vector search, geospatial applications, and more 
  • Industry-centric patterns such as interactive retail or e-commerce shopping experiences that rely on image search, and faster fraud detection in financial services

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