Found: Elasticsearch as a Service

Hosted and managed Elasticsearch brought to you by the makers of Elasticsearch. Free trial, free Kibana instance, and no credit card required. Nobody hosts Elasticsearch better.

Found Standard

Quickly deploy and manage Elasticsearch in the cloud with Found Standard. Starting at $45 per month, you get:

  • Elasticsearch as a service
  • Free Kibana 4
  • Free backups and automated upgrades
  • User-friendly management console

Do anything from rapidly produce prototypes to launching the next big thing with Elasticsearch in the cloud.

Found Premium

Found Premium is unlike any other hosted Elasticsearch offering on the market. It provides all the benefits of Found Standard plus:

  • Security for Elasticsearch (Shield)
  • Alerting for Elasticsearch (Watcher)
  • Monitoring for Elasticsearch (Marvel)
  • World-class, SLA-based support

Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

  • We considered hosting our own Elasticsearch clusters, but wanted to minimize the time to production and ease internal operational support, so we explored hosted Elasticsearch options. After evaluating a few providers, we decided that Found matched our needs based on fault tolerance, the prompt support and ease of operations.

    John Costa, Developer Support Engineer | Docker, Inc.

  • Found has helped us setup and scale our search infrastructure effectively for little over 2.5 years now while allowing us to spend more time on the development of our search strategy. Very impressed with their support team who were always available when we needed their advice.

    Balaji Seetharam, Engineer Lead | Chronus

  • Working with Found has been fantastic for this project. Elasticsearch has been really powerful and Found by Elastic has proven to be really resilient.

    David Riordan, Product Manager | NYPLabs

  • Search is a critical part of our customer experience, and Found gives us the high availability and performance we need. Found also makes it effortless to upgrade your cluster to take advantage of the latest improvements in Elasticsearch.

    Andrew Kane, Software Engineer | Instacart

  • Found has been an excellent partner for us as we work to make Elasticsearch a key component of our infrastructure. We can scale resources up and down with the click of a button, and same goes for deploying our cluster over multiple availability zones. Their support staff has been rock solid — Very responsive and always eager to help us fine-tune our queries to achieve maximum caching and warp speed execution.

    Harlow Ward, Platform Architect | HotelTonight

  • There are a lot of hosted Elasticsearch providers, but customer service, an easy api, and affordability are also key, and that led us to Found. Not only did we get a search and recommendation engine working in only a couple hours, it's been working for 8 months without any need to bug bash. We'll be enhancing search and recommendations, but using only Found to take us to the next level. The product — and team — are AWESOME!

    Mark Horoszowski, Co-Founder | MovingWorlds

  • Found by Elastic has been reliable and very easy to integrate with our existing software stack. The service has proven itself an invaluable asset, and working with Found has been great.

    Torkil Gustavsen, CTO | Hoopla Tickets

  • Elasticsearch is becoming a more and more critical part of our infrastructure and Found seems like a great partner for helping us effectively make use of it without getting bogged down in ops. Your great insights and quick support has directly influenced our decision to choose Found as our ES provider.

    Ken Colton, Lead Engineer |

  • When building internal apps and prototypes that need search, Found makes it easy to setup and maintain Elasticsearch clusters at scale with high availability so we can focus on our business.

    Daniel Beauchamp, Software Engineer | Shopify

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