November 3, 2015

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Excelian's Grid Computing and Trade Analytics with Elastic

How Elastic was integrated into Excelian's grid computing stack to meet complex financial computation and data intensive processing requirements.

Goldman Sachs Building a Firm Wide Task List with Elastic

Stephen Coster explains how Elastic is used by Goldman Sachs to distribute and aggregate tasks for the whole banking and investment firm.

Between Two Ferns with Huddle

A chat with Richard Owens, Senior Systems Engineer at Huddle, about using the Elastic stack to overcome a scalability issue and high maintenance costs.

Goldman Sachs Search: A Consistent Search Experience in No Time

Goldman Sachs Search provides a fast and responsive way to search for data with a consistent user experience. One of the main objectives of this product was to minimise programming effort when on-boarding new data sets, which in itself fits with a broader strategy of using industry standard tools to build generic software. In this talk we highlight how Goldman Sachs engineering has used Elasticsearch to achieve this.