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Connecting the Dots with Elasticsearch...Tracing of Events within ING

Leaving behind a world of isolated departments and applications, ING has now embraced the omnichannel approach. Teams are working closely together, but are lacking the visibility needed across systems. This is how ING uses Elastic to solve the problem of tracing events in a complex software environment.

How Makes Sense of its Logs Using the Elastic Stack

Renzo shares an overview of using the Elastic stack to power its internal logging platform, making sense of events from 1500+ systems.

Nexios and Fast, Flexible Donor Segmentation for Red Cross

Nexios CTO Christiaan Stoffer presents how his team built a platform atop Elasticsearch to administer 30000 Dutch Red Cross volunteers.

eBay Classifieds and a Scalable, Flexible Search Platform

When eBay rethought its core — connecting buyers with sellers — Elasticsearch filled the need for a scalable, flexible search platform to build on.