Elastic{ON} 2016

View all the goodness that happened during the 2016 Elasticsearch User Conference.

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Elastic{ON} 2016 Opening Keynote

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Elastic Founder & CEO Steven Schuurman, Elastic Founder & CTO Shay Banon, and other members of the Elastic engineering team kick off Elastic{ON} 2016 with company and product highlights from the past year as well as what to expect with the upcoming 5.0 release. You'll hear about updates coming to the Elastic Stack, learn about what the heck a Pack is, and see some awesome live demos of the new Kibana interface and Graph API. Jason McGee, VP and CTO of the IBM Cloud Platform, also shares how IBM leverages the Elastic Stack within its organization.

What's Evolving in Elasticsearch

What's Cookin' in Kibana

What's Brewing in Beats

Hunting the Hackers: How Cisco Talos is Leveling Up Security

Quit Yammer(ing) Away & Start Analyzing Your Log Data!

Thomson Reuters, Research, Journalism, Finance, & Elastic

OpenSource Connections: The Ghost in the Search Machine

Using Elasticsearch to Power Analytics at AppDynamics

Web Content Analytics at Scale with Parse.ly

Autocomplete: The Tale of the First Few Keystrokes

Adding Search to Django and Rails Applications

TAP(ping) Out Security Threats at FireEye

How HotelTonight Finds the Best Hotels in the Moment

Contributing to Elasticsearch: How to Get Started

What's the Latest in Logstash

Get the Lay of the (Lucene) Land

Eventbrite’s Search-based Approach to Recommendations

Installing the Flux Capacitor: Search at the Internet Archive

Security, Alerting, Monitoring & More With the Elastic Stack

Scaling Elasticsearch at NetSuite: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Data Hero: Legends of Analytics @ Activision

IBM Bluemix Logging and Monitoring Service

Small Team/Big Data: Three Devs Wrangle 45M Energy Docs...

Graph Capabilities in the Elastic Stack

Stories from Support: Top Problems and Solutions

All Quiet on the Digital Front: Security Analytics @ USAA

Profiling Elasticsearch Queries for Fun and Profit

Ingest Node: Enriching Documents within Elasticsearch

Adding Context to Queries: The Story Behind Adobe’s API and UI

Grid Monitoring at CERN with the Elastic Stack

Building an IT Health Check and Diagnosis App on the Elastic Stack

Securing Elasticsearch

Hosted and Managed Elasticsearch: How It's Built

Dive Deep with Logstash – From Pipelines to Persistent Queues

What's Happening in Hadoop & Spark

Engine Scoring & Predictive Analytics to Boost Search...

From Dashboard to PDF: Generate Reports w/ Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch and Resiliency

How the Elastic Stack Changed Goldman Sachs

Unleashing Elasticsearch: Taking the Reins Off @ Atlassian

Supporting DevOps: From Dev to Cloud to Delivery to Logging

Monitoring the Elastic Stack

All the Data That's Fit to Find: Search @ The New York Times

All About Elasticsearch Algorithms and Data Structures

Optimizing The Design of New Microbes Using Elasticsearch

Cooking up Elasticsearch with Chef

From Maven to Gradle: The Story Behind the Switch

Geospatial Data Structures in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene

How to Build Your Own Kibana Plugins

Fighting Human Trafficking & Fraud: Elastic @ Giant Oak

Tasty, Tasty Dogfood: How We Use the Elastic Stack at Elastic

Metric Time Series and Other Misnomers

Improved Text Scoring with BM25

Bringing Healthcare Analytics to the Point-of-Care @ Mayo Clinic

Inside Elastic Engineering

B-b-b-b-b-beats! How to Build Your Own

Dude, Where Are My Messages? Message Analytics @ Netflix

Quantitative Cluster Sizing

'Users: WE KNOW THEM' – The ELF @ Salesforce

Let's Talk Windows & Azure

Becoming the Hero Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need

Open Source in the Enterprise: A Conversation with Cisco’s CTO