Elastic{ON} 2016

February 17-19 | San Francisco

View all the goodness that happened during the 2016 Elasticsearch User Conference.

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Elastic{ON} 2016 Opening Keynote

Featured Video

Elastic Founder & CEO Steven Schuurman, Elastic Founder & CTO Shay Banon, and other members of the Elastic engineering team kick off Elastic{ON} 2016 with company and product highlights from the past year as well as what to expect with the upcoming 5.0 release. You'll hear about updates coming to the Elastic Stack, learn about what the heck a Pack is, and see some awesome live demos of the new Kibana interface and Graph API. Jason McGee, VP and CTO of the IBM Cloud Platform, also shares how IBM leverages the Elastic Stack within its organization.

What's Evolving in Elasticsearch

Elastic's Clinton Gormley and Simon Willnauer present breaking news and big developments for Elasticsearch at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco.

What's Cookin' in Kibana

Elastic's Rashid Khan and Chris Cowan present all the news you need to know about Kibana at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco.

What's Brewing in Beats

Elastic's Monica Sarbu and Tudor Golubenco present the latest and greatest news about Beats at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco.

Hunting the Hackers: How Cisco Talos is Leveling Up Security

At Cisco's Talos, a traditional security analyst culture has collided with lots of data. In this talk, Kate and Samir describe how they’ve navigated this transition using Elasticsearch to leverage data to detect bad guys – with a special look at how Talos tracked the SSHPsychos SSH brute forcing campaign.

Quit Yammer(ing) Away & Start Analyzing Your Log Data!

Hear how Yammer ships logs from over 4,000 servers to Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana for production on-call support, monitoring, and analytics, accelerating incident detection and helping to identify trends over time.

Thomson Reuters, Research, Journalism, Finance, & Elastic

From log analysis to ensure systems are functioning, to a search platform for insight into financial trends and journalism assets – the Elastic Stack is an integral part of Thomson Reuters. Learn about how they customize it to fit their needs through tooling, custom plugins, predictive monitoring, and more.

OpenSource Connections: The Ghost in the Search Machine

Elasticsearch is much more than a full-text search engine – it can be ‘taught’ to detect at-risk students, predict the weather, and find similar images at high scale. Attend this session to learn how you can turn Elasticsearch into a smart comparison powerhouse for your organization.

Using Elasticsearch to Power Analytics at AppDynamics

Hear how AppDynamics utilizes Elasticsearch to power the three core uses of AppDynamics Analytics – advanced performance analytics, business impact analytics, and user analytics – as well as lessons learned along the way in deploying and managing large Elasticsearch clusters.

Web Content Analytics at Scale with Parse.ly

Using Elasticsearch, Parse.ly wrote a time series backend for its real-time content analytics product. This talk will cover time-based indices, hot/warm/cold tiers, doc values, index aliases/versioning, and other techniques to run a multi-terabyte Elasticsearch cluster to perform time series at scale.

Autocomplete: The Tale of the First Few Keystrokes

Autocomplete is a key feature of search applications. Good autocomplete solutions get users to the right content in a few keystrokes while bad ones frustrate and confuse. This talk will explore technical considerations in designing such systems, what Elasticsearch has to offer, and what’s to come next.

Adding Search to Django and Rails Applications

In this demo-driven, code-focused session presented by the library authors, you’ll learn how to use both basic and sophisticated Elasticsearch features in a Django or Ruby on Rails web application.

TAP(ping) Out Security Threats at FireEye

FireEye's Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) leverages Elasticsearch to index hundreds of thousands of events per second and maintain more than a petabyte of data. Learn what the security hunting use case is and how FireEye built a platform to allow its enterprise customers to find evil in their organizations.

How HotelTonight Finds the Best Hotels in the Moment

Learn how HotelTonight uses hosted Elasticsearch to mine millions of documents and analyze diverse data in milliseconds – from hotel inventory systems to data about a user’s desired trip (date, duration, location, price, brand, ratings, etc) – in order to help their users find a hotel at a moment’s notice.

Contributing to Elasticsearch: How to Get Started

Elasticsearch has infinitely more potential in the hands of someone who knows how it works inside. Community-contributor-turned-employee Nik Everett will help you take your first step inside. You’ll learn how to run from source, debug, read stack traces, write plugins, and send pull requests.

What's the Latest in Logstash

Elastic's Jordan Sissel and Suyog Rao present the latest and greatest Logstash news and previews at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco.

Get the Lay of the (Lucene) Land

Elastic's Adrien Grand presents all the news you need to know about Apache Lucene at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco.

Eventbrite’s Search-based Approach to Recommendations

Eventbrite is building an Elasticsearch-powered, content- and behavior-based recommendation system to match users with events they are sure to enjoy. Come learn about their approach, successes, failures, and future work at the intersection of recommendation and search.

Installing the Flux Capacitor: Search at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has collections that range in size from billions of archived web pages, to millions of scanned books, down to 10,000 quite-popular Grateful Dead concert recordings. See how Elasticsearch glues everything together and hear some lessons learned along the way.

Security, Alerting, Monitoring & More With the Elastic Stack

Elastic's Jay Modi, Alexander Reelsen, Joe Fleming, Tanguy Leroux, and Tim Sullivan present X-Pack — and all the cool features it brings to the Elastic Stack — at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco.

Scaling Elasticsearch at NetSuite: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Learn how NetSuite has scaled its Elastic Stack deployment to handle 3 billion daily events and a petabyte of data while meeting security requirements like HIPAA, EU, PACRIM, and PCI/DDS. Topics covered will include hardware selection, core configuration, deployment, security, and monitoring.

Data Hero: Legends of Analytics @ Activision

Activision knows that Twitter is a critically important channel for interacting with Activision's players. Learn how they use the Elastic Stack, natural language processing, and event detection algorithms to turn Tweet streams into information that supports the operations of its games.

IBM Bluemix Logging and Monitoring Service

The Logging and Monitoring Service in IBM Bluemix provides Elasticsearch capability to containers and VMs in IBM Bluemix. We'll show the current service, talk about our experience scaling Elasticsearch to support cloud level scale, and show where we're headed in the future.

Small Team/Big Data: Three Devs Wrangle 45M Energy Docs...

Advanced Energy Economy’s team of three engineers uses Elastic Cloud to support a flexible and scalable, full-text search platform with 45M pages of unstructured energy policy text. Learn key lessons from a non-profit team tackling huge energy policy challenges with limited resources.

Graph Capabilities in the Elastic Stack

If you've ever wanted to provide recommendations or identify the behavior of malicious actors, this is the session for you. Come learn about how Elasticsearch can power graph exploration at scale by collecting signals like clicks or purchases to identify meaningful connections between subjects on-the-fly.

Stories from Support: Top Problems and Solutions

You’re not alone when it comes to certain challenges with your Elasticsearch deployment. Come learn about solutions to some of the most common issues our users face from a few of our support engineers. You’ll be sure to leave with learnings you can apply to our own clusters when you get home!

All Quiet on the Digital Front: Security Analytics @ USAA

Find out how USAA remediates security incidents by analyzing 3-4 billion security events a day, running Python scripts, building custom applications to mine the data, and utilizing Watcher, the Elasticsearch alerting and notification extension, to make their lives easier – and more enjoyable!

Profiling Elasticsearch Queries for Fun and Profit

Writing a good query can require experience, intuition, and sometimes, divination. This talk will cover how the Elasticsearch DSL translates to Lucene queries, the stages of query execution, and how the new query profiler can be used to identify slow components and improve performance.

Ingest Node: Enriching Documents within Elasticsearch

When ingesting data into Elasticsearch, sometimes only simple transforms need to be performed on the data prior to indexing. Enter Ingest Node: a new node type that will allow you to do just that! This talk will introduce you to Ingest Node and how to integrate it with the rest of the Elastic Stack.

Adding Context to Queries: The Story Behind Adobe’s API and UI

Adobe uses Elasticsearch to power its API & UI with realtime, high-traffic business queries involving user-specific values. Marko will share the past, current, and future Elasticsearch implementation plans at Adobe — which includes millions of indexes with user-specific documents of prepared responses.

Grid Monitoring at CERN with the Elastic Stack

Learn how CERN uses the Elastic Stack for five different use cases for the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid: Messaging, Job Monitoring, Data Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Cloud Benchmarking.

Building an IT Health Check and Diagnosis App on the Elastic Stack

IT monitoring systems collect different types of operations data at an infrastructure and application level. This session will demonstrate how advanced analytics micro-services use the data to add value on top of monitoring dashboards, such as detect anomalies, forecast KPIs, and diagnose a problem quickly.

Securing Elasticsearch

Elastic's Jay Modi and Igor Motov discuss securing Elasticsearch at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco.

Hosted and Managed Elasticsearch: How It's Built

At last year's Elastic{ON} we announced our acquisition of Found, an Elasticsearch-as-a-service offering. Come hear how Cloud (formerly Found) is built under the hood, its use of Docker, and its security implementation. Also learn about how we’re evolving this architecture to let you deploy Cloud on your own hardware.

Dive Deep with Logstash – From Pipelines to Persistent Queues

Last year at Elastic{ON} you heard about what’s coming in Logstash. Core developers Andrew and Colin have been busy making this future a reality. Come see them demonstrate the work they’ve done so far to make Logstash more resilient and even easier to use!

What's Happening in Hadoop & Spark

An overview of the Elastic Hadoop ecosystem with a focus on what has happened over the last year with Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop. You can expect to hear about Apache Storm, Apache Spark, DataFrames, and other Hadoop goodies.

Engine Scoring & Predictive Analytics to Boost Search...

With Big Data, it is possible to harvest user event data, such as search and click logs, for the purpose of computing user-based search accuracy metrics. Learn about the algorithms and processes for computing these metrics which are vital for comparing search engine accuracy before a deployment.

From Dashboard to PDF: Generate Reports w/ Elastic Stack

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to turn a dashboard into a report. And as a bonus, learn how you can schedule automated delivery of reports.

Elasticsearch and Resiliency

Resiliency is a primary development focus in Elasticsearch. A lot of improvements were released in ES 2.0, and even more is coming in future releases. From faster recovery times to more durable writes, attend this session to learn everything you ever wanted to know about resiliency in Elasticsearch.

How the Elastic Stack Changed Goldman Sachs

See how Goldman Sachs leverages Elasticsearch to solve business problems and manages Elasticsearch usages centrally. Deep dive into a business use case that tracks trade flow across multiple systems in real time.

Unleashing Elasticsearch: Taking the Reins Off @ Atlassian

Atlassian is using Elasticsearch to power its internal logging platform, depended on by dozens of internal product teams. Find out how a small team is delivering big wins by choosing to build on top of Elasticsearch and AWS, and where they're taking Elasticsearch next.

Supporting DevOps: From Dev to Cloud to Delivery to Logging

Walmart Labs Sr. Director Brian Johnson and Avalon Consulting's Chad Chatfield discuss DevOps with Elastic at Elastic{ON} 2016 in San Francisco, February 18, 2016.

Monitoring the Elastic Stack

As Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats continue to evolve, we recently went back to the drawing board to rethink our monitoring product. This session will take you on our journey of redefining what monitoring means for the Elastic Stack, as well as explore current features and unveil some of our future roadmap.

All the Data That's Fit to Find: Search @ The New York Times

Hear how The New York Times put all 15 million of its articles published over the last 160 years into Elasticsearch. From article archives and the ingestion pipeline, to cluster setup and the APIs provided to the organization, Boerge will show what search really means at this world-renown news outlet.

All About Elasticsearch Algorithms and Data Structures

Fast search usually boils down to data organization, which is why Elasticsearch is based on an inverted index. But sometimes speed comes from clever algorithms. Last year we looked at four such algorithms, but there are dozens more. In this talk we'll explore a new set of interesting algorithms in Elasticsearch.

Optimizing The Design of New Microbes Using Elasticsearch

Zymergen has developed a new, industrialized process to create microbes capable of fermenting chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more. Success depends on insights gleaned from large volumes of possible DNA modifications. This talk will cover how Elasticsearch powers this revolution in scientific data analysis.

Cooking up Elasticsearch with Chef

It's not Julia Child or Gordon Ramsay, but this cookbook is worth it. Come hear Martin Smith – co-author of the Chef Community Cookbook for Elasticsearch – present a hybrid between automating Elasticsearch installation and configuration with Chef, and re-writing the open source Chef cookbook the last 12 months.

From Maven to Gradle: The Story Behind the Switch

A build system is an important tool which provides robust testing and distribution. While unseen by most users, it’s central to any successful software. Late last year, Elasticsearch switched to use Gradle. This talk will explore the history and motivations behind the switch, as well as further improvements now made possible.

Geospatial Data Structures in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene

This talk will cover everything you ever wanted to know about geo and Elasticsearch! Get advice on field mapping strategies, learn about geo aggregations and visualizations for exploratory spatial data analysis, as well as get insights into new spatial data structures being added to Lucene and Elasticsearch.

How to Build Your Own Kibana Plugins

Meet the Kibana of the future. It’s the Kibana you know and love, but with extension points for you to add your own, custom functionality. In this talk Tanya and Spencer from the Kibana team will walk you through building your first Kibana plugin.

Fighting Human Trafficking & Fraud: Elastic @ Giant Oak

Learn how Giant Oak and its partners use Elastic to help power work combating human trafficking, financial fraud, abuse of prescription drugs, and the trade in endangered species.

Tasty, Tasty Dogfood: How We Use the Elastic Stack at Elastic

Learn how Elastic uses the Elastic Stack throughout the company — from how and where its data stores are built to best practices for production clusters, as well as what is built on premise and when it leverages its Cloud service.

Metric Time Series and Other Misnomers

You may not know it, but the Elastic Stack does awesome things with numbers. Come listen and learn about what we can do, how we got here, and what people are already doing with metrics inside the Elastic Stack.

Improved Text Scoring with BM25

Today the default scoring algorithm in Elasticsearch is TF/IDF. This default will change to BM25 once Elasticsearch switches to Lucene 6. In this talk, Britta will tell you all about BM25 – what it is, how it differs from TF/IDF and other scoring techniques, and why it might be the better default going forward.

Bringing Healthcare Analytics to the Point-of-Care @ Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is bringing real-time clinical decision making to the point of care with a vertical application they built using the cloud, Elasticsearch, and D3 widgets. Hear how this application allows physicians to find similar patients and explore what-if scenarios using outcome and intervention parameters.

Inside Elastic Engineering

Get insights and ask questions about the ever-evolving journey of Elastic engineering. This talk will cover what changed as we grew from 15 to 150+, how we operate as a global distributed team and communicate effectively, as well as what guides us in developing the software you know and (hopefully) love.

B-b-b-b-b-beats! How to Build Your Own

The Beats project has evolved from just one Beat – Packetbeat – to several Beats, many of which are written by users like you. In this talk, join Beats core developers Nicolas and Steffen in their whirlwind attempt at creating a new Beat, live, from scratch!

Dude, Where Are My Messages? Message Analytics @ Netflix

Netflix messages millions of customers a day across many channels – email, push notifications, text, voice calls, etc – via its messaging platform: a distributed system made up of a series of separate applications. Learn how they use Elasticsearch for higher message deliverability and operational excellence.

Quantitative Cluster Sizing

How many shards should I have? How many nodes should I have? What about replicas? Do these questions sound familiar? The answer is often ‘it depends’. This talk will outline the factors that affect sizing and walk you through a quantitative approach to estimating the configuration and size of your cluster.

'Users: WE KNOW THEM' – The ELF @ Salesforce

Salesforce built a plugin to the Elastic Stack – called ELF – that enables the collection of Salesforce log data. Come learn how it allows businesses to easily report on user activity in Salesforce and gain insights into organizational usage trends and user behavior.

Let's Talk Windows & Azure

If you’re using Elasticsearch on Windows or Azure, this session is a must-attend. Our .NET team will demo our Azure Marketplace offering & give a sneak preview of the MSI-based installer. In closing we'll give an overview of everything new in NEST and Elasticsearch.NET 2.0, the official .NET clients.

Becoming the Hero Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need

This talk will focus on the ways to leverage the Elastic Stack to build tools for your sales and marketing teams. We will demo some internal tools we’ve built including cohort analysis of Salesforce data, leveraging Watcher to alert on large data changes, and more.

Open Source in the Enterprise: A Conversation with Cisco’s CTO

Having worked on supercomputers in the 1980s, as an evangelist for Java development in the 1990s, and today, as an OpenStack board member and leader for Cisco’s open source initiatives, this conversation between Shay and Lew will surface perspectives on the future of open source for developers and enterprises.