Top 10 Elastic{ON} 2017 Talks

The fourth annual Elasticsearch user conference is on the horizon, and we can't wait to put more all-star speakers up on stage in 2018. Sifting through CFP applications got us thinking about all-star talks from Elastic{ON} 2017 that have stood the test of time (and playbacks).

We'd be pretty jazzed if these popular videos inspire you to submit a talk of your own or sign up to be the first in line when we open conference registration in October.

1. Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack

Adding machine learning features to the Elastic Stack was a big announcement for the 2017 conference (because that's the sort of splash you can expect from Elastic{ON}). This presentation from Sophie Chang and Steve Dodson introduces fast, effective anomaly detection for jaw-dropping amounts of data and shows you how to solve real-world business problems by applying those machine learning capabilities to the Elastic Stack.

2. What's Evolving in Elasticsearch

This talk features not only the incomparable Clinton Gormley (and his famously smooth baritone) but also an in-depth look at 5.x features like cross-cluster search, the Java high-level REST client, and multi-word synonyms. Plus there's a sneak peek at doc values, index sorting, rolling upgrades, and other features coming in 6.0.

3. Timelion: Magic, Math, and Everything in the Middle

Kibana creator Rashid Khan gives you a hands-on introduction to Timelion, which he likes to call the “clawing, gnashing, zebra-killing, pluggable time series interface for everything.” Learn about Timelion's expression syntax, multiple manners of munging data, and plugins that can help you do so much more.

4. Security @ Slack

Monitoring for malicious activity and handling the resulting alerts is vital to the success of Slack's security program. See how they scaled their efforts by creating a reliable logging pipeline and integrating with a communication platform that helps users look at more data by delegating event management directly to the affected individuals.

5. What's Cookin' in Kibana

Court Ewing and Jim Goodwin walk you through new data visualizations and other rad Kibana features that came out after 5.0, then highlight some of the most exciting changes still to come, including heatmap, log context, pipeline aggregations, CSV export, and more.

6. Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Time Series Analysis

Steve Dodson and Tom Veasey dive deep into Elastic machine learning features so you can see how they work for real datasets. Peek under the hood at the unsupervised machine learning techniques Elastic uses to detect anomalies in your time series data.

7. Near Real-Time Retail Analytics at Walmart

Walmart uncovered the hidden potential of its data to gain insights into customer purchasing patterns and track store performance metrics and holiday analytics. Kevin Conway and Srinivas Singanamalla show you how they leverage X-Pack and the Elastic Stack to create actionable business intelligence as part of the Walmart technology team.

8. What's Exciting in X-Pack

A six-pack of Elastic experts walk you through the X-Pack roadmap from developments in management and monitoring for Elasticsearch to security improvements, PDF reports and CSV export options, the future of alerts, and new Graph UI features.

9. Elasticsearch SQL

Costin Leau offers up a taste of a new Elastic {re}search project and some of the recipes behind it, plus a behind-the-scenes looks at what we're doing to make Elasticsearch more accessible to users, applications, and systems.

10. Kibana Visualizations Deep Dive

Get a detailed walkthrough of Tagcloud and heatmap, new visualizations in Kibana 5.2, as well as insight into new visualizations coming down the pipeline, including a behind-the-scenes perspective on the evolving world of visualizations and how it may affect your custom visualization plugins.

Did these talks get your creative juices flowing? Submit your idea to speak at our fourth annual user conference and sign up to be the first in line for tickets. Oh, and if you're using the Elastic Stack to do good in the world, apply for a Cause Award. We can't wait to see all of you awesome folks on stage at Elastic{ON} 2018.