What’s X-citing in X-Pack?

Don't know what X-Pack is?

X-Pack is a single extension lets you add security (formerly Shield), alerting (via Watcher), monitoring (formerly Marvel), reporting, and Graph functionality across the entire Elastic Stack.

Not only have the capabilities of X-Pack expanded in the past year, but so has its usability, from a better getting started experience to the introduction of several UI features. Needless to say, exciting things are afoot, and the engineers behind X-Pack look forward to sharing what they’re working on with you.

Chris Earle

Chris Earle is a Software Engineer based outside of Washington DC, helping to improve Monitoring for all products. Before joining Elastic, he was at Boeing and Grove Software developing software and pushing API design. Chris is a regular participant on StackOverflow and the Elastic online community.

Mark Harwood

Mark Harwood is a software engineer at Elastic and long-time contributor to Lucene. Prior to joining Elastic, Mark was Chief Scientist at BAE Systems Detica, designing search and visualization systems on multi-billion document solutions for analysts in commercial and government clients.

Shaunak Kashyap

Shaunak is a software developer on the Kibana team. He has worked in the Internet software industry for over a decade. Some of his more interesting past gigs include building a poker search and analytics engine; a system for tracking and analyzing the jail population in Louisville, Kentucky; and ground software to command and control earth-imaging satellites.

Brandon Kobel

At a young age, Brandon once clairvoyantly declared to his father, "Computers are my life." Currently a software engineer on the Kibana team, he generally is able to ignore his desire to learn whatever hipster language/framework is trending on Hacker News long enough to get some work done.

Jay Modi

Jay Modi is a security engineer at Elastic. After spending years doing a mix of application security, UI and backend development, he found his interest was application security. He is the lead engineer for the security features in X-Pack.

Alexander Reelsen

Alexander is an Elasticsearch developer interested in all things search and scale. He enjoys writing code, giving talks and trainings, as well as introducing people to all parts of the Elastic Stack. When offline, he goes hiking, watches basketball, and tries to get online again.