Kibana Visualizations Deep Dive

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Have you noticed Kibana has been looking mighty fine lately?

Attend this session to dive deeper into Kibana’s latest visualizations. You’ll get a detailed walkthrough of Tagcloud and Heatmap, new visualizations in Kibana 5.2, as well as insight into where we’re taking visualizations next. From a roadmap perspective, we’ll focus in particular on new geospatial visualizations we are working to bring out in 5.x. As a developer, you’ll also get a behind-the-scenes perspective on the evolving world of visualizations and how it may affect your custom visualization plugins. Finally, we’ll discuss dedicated UIs for time-series visualizations, from Timelion to a new visual builder for pipeline aggregations.

Chris Cowan

Chris is an engineer for Elastic who works on Marvel and Kibana. In a past life, he was a world champion minivan driver with an affinity for changing diapers and swaddling babies.

Thomas Neirynck

Thomas Neirynck is a software engineer with over 10+ years of experience building web-apps. Currently, he helps you get insights from your data by contributing to Kibana. Before that, he built visualization developer libraries at Luciad, and as a former member of the OGC, helped design the Geopackage database specification.

Peter Pišljar

Peter has been at Elastic since June 2016 and is based in Slovenia. He has over 10 years of experience with software development and is mainly working on Kibana visualizations.