Articles by Trevor Blackford

Senior Product Manager


Elastic Platform 8.14: ES|QL GA, encryption at rest, and vector search optimizations

Elastic Platform 8.14 includes ES|QL GA, the use of AI for pattern recognition in logs, API key based security model for remote clusters, encryption at rest with KMS keys, retrievers, several vector optimizations, and vector quantization by default.


Elasticsearch and Kibana 8.13: Simplified kNN and improved query parallelization

Elasticsearch and Kibana 8.13 deliver simplified kNN, improved query parallelization plus improvements to ES|QL, anomaly detection, and new improved health indicators. Also announcing the Elastic Integration Filter and GA of Kafka for Elastic Agent.


Introducing Logstash on Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) technical preview

This blog is an introduction to the new Logstash Operator for ECK, now available as a technical preview. It describes what the operator does and includes some samples of how to use it.