Articles By Russ Cam

19 July 2018 Engineering

SAML based Single Sign-On with Elasticsearch and Azure Active Directory

By Russ Cam

Introducing integration of SAML Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory and our Elastic ARM template offering, including a walkthrough of the steps involved.

31 January 2018 Engineering

NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 6.0: Now GA!

By Stuart CamRuss Cam

We are pleased to release the GA version of the .NET clients for Elasticsearch 6.0

10 July 2017 Engineering

Elastic :heart: Windows (aka Windows MSI Installer release)

By Russ CamMartijn Laarman

The first beta release of our Windows MSI Installer package for Elasticsearch, making getting started with Elasticsearch on Windows easier than ever

03 May 2017 Engineering

Elasticsearch and Kibana Deployments on Azure

By Russ Cam

A walkthrough of different Elasticsearch and Kibana deployment scenarios on Azure, using Elastic's Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template.

21 December 2016 Engineering

Solidifying Releases with FAKE (F# MAKE)

By Russ CamMartijn Laarman

Our F# Advent Calendar post, highlighting our usage of Paket and FAKE and introducing an assembly diff FAKE helper

13 December 2016 Engineering

NEST 5.0 released

By Greg MarzoukaRuss Cam

Announcing the GA release of NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 5.0, the official .NET clients

17 November 2016 Engineering

The Future of Attachments for Elasticsearch and .NET

By Russ Cam

Working with attachments using NEST, the official .NET Elasticsearch high level client.

20 July 2016 Engineering

Spinning up a cluster with Elastic's Azure Marketplace template

By Russ Cam

A walkthrough of the key features available in our Microsoft Azure Marketplace (ARM) solution template