Articles By Stuart Cam


Elastic Common Schema .NET library and integrations released

We've released the ECS .NET library, a full C# representation of ECS, including integrations for Elastic APM Serilog, NLog, and BenchmarkDotnet.


NEST and Elasticsearch.Net: upgrading your Elasticsearch server and codebase

Get guidance for upgrading your Elasticsearch server and codebase and ensuring compatibility between your NEST client and the server.


Building real-time address search with the Australian G-NAF dataset

Build a real-time, suggestive, typeahead search across the approximately 14 million addresses in the Australian G-NAF dataset.


NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 7.0 now GA

NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 7.0 .NET clients are now GA. Learn more about performance improvements, a simplified codebase, and parity with Elasticsearch 7.0+.


Indexing documents with the NEST Elasticsearch .NET client

From indexing single documents to more advanced methods, there are several ways to use the NEST Elasticsearch .NET client to index documents into Elasticsearch.


Task Management with the NEST Elasticsearch .NET Client

Learn how to manage cluster tasks using the OpaqueId and Elasticsearch .NET NEST client.


NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 6.0: Now GA!

We are pleased to release the GA version of the .NET clients for Elasticsearch 6.0