Articles by Jonas Lavoie

Product Lead - Enterprise Search, Elastic


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.4: Supercharged relevance for Elasticsearch

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.4 delivers enhanced vector-based querying for searching and analyzing datasets large and small, with little to no implementation overhead.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.2: Relevance controls for Elasticsearch

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.2 brings the best relevance tooling, analytics, and query security to any Elasticsearch index. Automatically monitor the health of your search deployment and audit your engine activity with one click on Elastic Cloud.


Getting started with Elastic Workplace Search on Elastic Cloud

Give Elastic Workplace Search a try — in just a few simple steps. Fast, relevant search that unifies all your teams' content, so you can spend less time searching and more time being productive.


Elastic Workplace Search: The new, unified way to work

Teams, rejoice! It is with a great deal of excitement that we are today announcing the general availability of Elastic Workplace Search, a unified search platform for organizations of all sizes and horizons.


Custom sources: Search content from anywhere with Elastic Workplace Search

Not only can you add widely adopted sources such as Google Drive, you can easily add homegrown applications, niche platforms, and legacy content sources.


Elastic Enterprise Search 7.5: More sources for the modern enterprise

Elastic Enterprise Search 7.5 brings four new enterprise platforms to the unified search experience.


Elastic Enterprise Search Beta 3 is here: More personal, more secure, more relevant

Beta 3 is here, and it comes with more data source connectors, the ability to search within document content, and document-level security for custom sources.