We've released the ECS .NET library, a full C# representation of ECS, including integrations for Elastic APM Serilog, NLog, and BenchmarkDotnet.

See how easy it is to get started with Elastic Cloud Enterprise by automating everything from cloud provisioning to ECE deployment with Terraform and Ansible...

Our new workspace on Slack's got your back if you get off track with the Elastic Stack.

Get to know the women who make Elastic what it is today. In this edition, we chat with Rita Jhaveri about her role in Customer Success.

Learn how to deploy Elasticsearch across three zones, how to scale out your cluster further, and then how to expose it using Google Cloud's load balancer.

A hands-on guide, complete with examples, for tracing your Java application with Elastic APM on Kubernetes.

Learn how to index, analyze, and visualize your AWS logs (S3 server access logs, ELB access logs, CloudWatch logs, VPC flow logs, etc.) with the Elastic Stack...

Kibana updates from platform migration and elastic-charts