Articles by Kaiyan Sheng


How to monitor Amazon ECS with Elastic Observability

Learn how to monitor Amazon ECS EC2 and ECS Fargate with Elastic Observability. With more teams migrating their applications and workloads to containers, the ability to monitor and track container health and usage is more critical than ever.


Getting AWS logs from S3 using Filebeat and the Elastic Stack

Learn how to index, analyze, and visualize your AWS logs (S3 server access logs, ELB access logs, CloudWatch logs, VPC flow logs, etc.) with the Elastic Stack.


Monitoring AWS services using the CloudWatch metricset

Introducing a new metricset in Metricbeat to collect metrics from AWS CloudWatch with given namespaces, statistic methods, and the option to collect tags.


Monitoring AWS EC2 using Metricbeat

Starting with 7.0, use a new Metricbeat module to collect AWS EC2 monitoring metrics from Cloudwatch.