Articles by Christos Markou

Software Engineer, Observability - Logs & Metrics, Elastic


How to enable Kubernetes alerting with Elastic Observability

In the Kubernetes world, different personas demand different kinds of insights. In this post, we’ll focus on alerting and provide an overview of how alerts in Elastic Observability can help users quickly identify Kubernetes problems.


How to monitor Amazon ECS with Elastic Observability

Learn how to monitor Amazon ECS EC2 and ECS Fargate with Elastic Observability. With more teams migrating their applications and workloads to containers, the ability to monitor and track container health and usage is more critical than ever.


Securely manage credentials while monitoring Kubernetes workloads with autodiscovery

Learn how to keep service and container credentials safe during autodiscovery with the new Metricbeat Kubernetes secrets keystore.


Monitoring a NATS messaging system with Beats

Capture and analyze NATS logs and metrics in Elasticsearch using the new NATS modules, contributed, and battle-tested by real-world NATS users in production.