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A technical deep dive into Elastic Security 7.9

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Braden Preston
Braden Preston

Director, Product Management


Mike Paquette
Mike Paquette

Director of Product, Security Market



Protecting data and networks against cyber attacks is challenging. Many security teams have been using Elastic Security for SIEM use cases to collect and analyze endpoint data, add enterprise context, and hunt for and detect threat activity. 

With the 7.9 release, Elastic Security now provides free, integrated endpoint security through the introduction of signatureless malware prevention and kernel-level data collection on the new Elastic Agent.


  • New free and open anti-malware capability for Windows and macOS
  • Interactive process tree visualization
  • Enhanced capabilities and workflows for automated threat detection
  • Expanded set of prebuilt detection rules
  • New data source integrations and third-party connectors

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