Elastic Security

Modernize SecOps with AI-driven security analytics

Address complex threats with Elastic Security, built on the Elastic Search AI Platform, to streamline SecOps.

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Defend your enterprise with an open security solution

  • Analyze high volumes of data across your attack surface in seconds

  • Strengthen defenses with advanced analytics and automated triage

  • Accelerate SecOps workflows with tailored generative AI insights and guidance

  • Contextualize LLM prompts with hyper-relevant results from the Search AI platform

  • Threat hunting

    Initiate hunts with ML insights

    Leverage petabytes of data, enriched with threat intel. Uncover expected and unexpected threats alike with machine learning.

  • Investigation and incident response

    Empower practitioners within and beyond the SOC

    Expose unfolding attacks with fast access to years of data, nimble piped queries, and end-to-end case management. Respond rapidly with guidance and automation.

See Elastic Security in action

Security teams around the world succeed with Elastic.

  • Customer spotlight

    Booking.com manages complex platforms on serverless and automates data analytics, reducing cost and risk.

  • Customer spotlight

    KPN leverages real-time data analysis and search-powered AI for efficient customer service and advanced protection.

  • Customer spotlight

    Texas A&M protects its users from data breaches and has reduced resolution time by 99%.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Elastic Security solution?

The Elastic Security solution helps teams protect, investigate, and respond to threats before damage is done. On the Search AI platform — and fueled by advanced analytics with years of data from across your attack surface — it eliminates data silos, automates prevention and detection, and streamlines investigation and response. Learn how the Elastic Security solution can modernize SecOps at your organization.

Discover the capabilities of Elastic Security