Discover, iterate, and resolve with ES|QL on Kibana

Run data analytics at speed and scale for observability, security, and search with Kibana. Powerful analysis on any data from any source, from threat intelligence to search analytics, logs to application monitoring, and much more.

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New to Kibana? Here's all you need to get started.

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Learn the core concepts of data analysis using Kibana.

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Are you using all of the features Kibana offers? Master the art of the Kibana dashboard.

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Build and iterate. Queries and results.

With ES|QL now in Kibana, write queries and make iterations based on the data you find. There’s one in-line experience that gets you to the right results, quickly.

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Faster analytics, faster solutions

From data exploration to finding insights to sharing results, Kibana gives you the ability to understand your data quickly, spot trends and anomalies at a glance, and route findings to the correct team on the spot.


Survey your data landscape with field statistics

Go from bird's-eye view for strategic data discovery – to worm's-eye view in a few clicks to detect anomalies and troubleshoot issues. See all your fields and data distributions in one place so you can understand your data, transform it if you're missing something, and know the scope of your analysis before you start investigating.


Guide teams to insights with dashboards and cases

Rapidly create dashboards that pull together charts, maps, and filters to display the full picture of your data. Build customized dashboard-to-dashboard drilldowns that enable deeper analysis. Create cases for investigations and invite teammates to collaborate, making it easier to move from insight to action.


Monitor and take action on alerts

Keep critical changes on your radar to avoid crisis scenarios. Create alerts that use index- and metric-based thresholds to send emails, create Slack notifications, activate PagerDuty workflows, or any number of other third party integrations. Define unique alerts from within Discover, Elastic Observability, and Elastic Security and monitor them holistically in the Management tab.

Answer complex questions using tools that improve the accuracy and precision of forecasting and finding correlations that are difficult to spot without trained models.

Match data findings to the audience with Canvas

Prepare results and findings for your leadership team with presentation-ready data visuals. Infuse your brand and style into the story of your data with the logos, colors, and design elements that are unique to you. Canvas helps you get creative with your live data — and it supports SQL.

Run time series to find similarities

Replay your data in time and space to gain historical context and understand additional insight about the present. Use analytical power tools to spot anomalies and forecast future scenarios. Store all your historical data with searchable snapshots and data tiers and easily search archival data for use cases that require years of data.

Analyze with the power of ML

Use Elastic's machine learning to automatically detect anomalies in your data, classify into categories, or identify trends that lead you to root causes. After visualizing data with Kibana Lens, you can transition straight into configuring the appropriate machine learning from your dashboard.

Build trust on a single, secure data analytics platform

Instead of learning to use and managing disparate tools for different data sets and use cases, why not collect, store, search, and analyze data all on one data analytics platform? Use Kibana for managing your team’s access rights, sharing insights within and outside of your organization, and connecting with other systems.

  • Control access

    Organize your dashboards and visualizations using Kibana Spaces. Use role-based access control to invite users into certain spaces (and not others), giving them access to specific content and features.

  • Secure the stack

    Give the right access to the right people. Integrate with a number of industry standard identity management systems. Authenticate with Active Directory, LDAP, or the Elasticsearch native realm. Use single sign-on (SSO) options or build a custom realm that supports your home-grown identity management system.

  • Share and collaborate

    Easily share Kibana visualizations with your team members, your boss, their boss, your customers, compliance managers, contractors — anyone you like, really — using the sharing option that works for you. Embed a dashboard, share a link, or export to PDF, PNG, or CSV files and send as an attachment.

  • Integrate with other tools

    Connect Kibana to other workplace tools like incident management systems (ServiceNow, xMatters), notification tools (email, Slack, PagerDuty), and more - the list of integrations is always growing.


Elastic dashboards help our technical account managers deliver a better customer experience. Instead of coming to us with questions about the status of an incident or failure rates, they can see the information at-a-glance and take action to resolve customer issues more quickly.

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