Elastic Cloud Enterprise

Deploying and Managing One Cluster— or Thousands — is a Breeze

Provision and manage a fleet of Elastic Stack clusters on any infrastructure, all while monitoring and managing everything from a single pane of glass.

Feeling pioneering? Explore a preview release of Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

It’s Our Trusted Elastic Cloud Product, Installed on the Infrastructure You Choose

The centralized monitoring, management, and provisioning capabilities that handle thousands of clusters with our hosted Elasticsearch offering available for you to install in your own environment.

Centrally Manage & Monitor

Simplify orchestrating and optimizing multiple Elastic Stack clusters from a single console.

Run in Any Environment

Deploy it on your hardware, private cloud, or public cloud — AWS, Azure, Google — or some combination thereof. You pick.

Provide Elasticsearch as a Service

Easily handle new users, new use cases, new clusters across your organization by centrally managing Elastic as a service.

Keep It Secure for Everyone

Easily deploy security features like authentication, role-based access control, encryption, and more to protect your data.

Easily Scale Up, Scale Down & Upgrade

From a single console, easily add, remove, and optimize clusters. And always have the latest versions with one-click upgrades.

Trust It’s Up for the Challenge

Elastic Cloud Enterprise is battle-tested, highly available, supports multiple data centers, and ready to meet the demands of your organization.

Enable Alerting, Reporting, Graph & More

X-pack is baked in allowing you to simply configure notifications, generate and schedule reports, and perform graph exploration.

Make It Your Own

In addition to running in the environment you choose, you can further customize your deployment with custom plugins and dictionaries.

Snapshot & Restore

Our clusters are periodically backed up using the Elasticsearch snapshot API, giving you peace of mind about your data.

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