Manage Elasticsearch Clusters at Scale with ECE 2.0

Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) was built to provide an easy way to provision, manage, and scale a fleet of Elasticsearch deployments from a central place. It lets you scale your Elastic Stack deployments, without adding administrative overhead. In the webinar, we will start with an overview of ECE, and then demo the new features introduced in version 2.0 that elevate the flexibility, ease, and control to the next level.

Feature highlights include:

  • Host tagging and tag filtering for better architecture-hardware mapping
  • Deployment templates for 1 click provisioning of common architectures
  • 1 click launch of hot-warm architecture, and automated index curation
  • Support for anomaly detection and forecasting
  • SAML security authentication for ECE deployed clusters

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Anurag Gupta

Principal Product Manager, Elastic

Anurag is a Sr. Product Manager on the Elastic Cloud Team, working on the awesome Elasticsearch Service and Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE). Anurag has worked on a range of products empowering IT and Developers to solve issues faster and transition to cloud native environments. In his spare time, Anurag loves playing with the new latest and greatest tech, and was one of the first hundred to be a certified kubernetes admin.

Peter Brachwitz

Peter is a historian turned software developer. He is spending most of his days writing orchestration software for Elastic Cloud. After work he enjoys exploring new programming languages and organizes the Vienna Clojure user group.