Elastic expands data analyst training to cover new Kibana features

We recently released an expanded version of our Kibana training course in response to increased demand and new features. The instructor-led course prepares technical or non-technical professionals, data analysts, security analysts, operations analysts, DevOps, and others to harness Kibana to visualize, manage, and analyze data in Elasticsearch.

The revised course has doubled in length to include fresh Kibana content themes like Canvas, query bar, spaces, advanced settings, and much more.

Starting with the fundamentals, Elastic instructors will guide participants through the core concepts of data analysis using Kibana — from simple aggregation-based charts to complex time-series visualizations. No prior knowledge of Kibana or the Elastic Stack is required.

By the end of these lectures, labs, and Q&A sessions, Kibana course participants come away with the knowledge to easily find answers and anomalies within their Elasticsearch data.

Participants learn how to create visualizations and dashboards across a variety of data sets, and will become equipped to manage Kibana by creating users, roles, and spaces. Students can keep course materials for continued independent learning or future review.

The Kibana Data Analyst course, redesigned from the ground up and now available, includes 16 hours of live, instructor-led training in a virtual setting. Corporate teams can now also request a private Kibana training course taught by an Elastic instructor at the convenience of their worksite — eliminating the time and expense associated with travel.

Elastic is constantly refreshing and adding new courses to our portfolio of training offerings. These include a series on becoming an “Elastic Certified Engineer,” in addition to highly focused and specialized training courses on “I didn’t know it could do that,” and so much more.
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