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The Elastic Stack has the versatility to be thrown at every use case, but it can be tough to learn how to do everything at once. So we're introducing specializations, our à la carte menu of deep dive training. Take the classes you want, save the ones you don't need (yet) for later.

Elasticsearch Advanced Search

Search isn't just about returning the right results. It’s also about returning them instantly for any possible query, while allowing for human error (we all maek typos). Anything less can mean lost users or customers. Our Elasticsearch Advanced Search specialization helps you build the most relevant search for your business and your users.

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Coming Soon
  • Advanced Text Analysis
  • Building Search User Interfaces
  • Ranking Evaluation
  • Reading Data from Files
  • Saved Searches and Alerting
  • Improving Search with Suggestions
Data Science

All data has a story to tell, but it can be hard to understand what it's trying to say. The Elastic Stack can help with that. Our Data Science specialization teaches you how to aggregate and summarize your data to find the important stories.

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Coming Soon
  • Integrating Elasticsearch and Spark
  • Data Cleaning
  • Time Series Anomaly Detection
  • Topic Modeling with Clustering
  • Fraud Detection using Graph
  • Search Enhancement using NLP

Logs are life for technology professionals. Every system constantly generates them, but they're only valuable if you're able to capture that raw data and enrich it into actionable information. Our Logging specialization teaches you how to get the most out of all of your logs.

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Coming Soon
  • Analyzing Log Data
  • Kubernetes and Docker Container Logging
  • Log Data Pre-Processing
  • Logging Architecture and Resilience
  • Log Lifecycle Management
  • Log Data Anomaly Detection
Security Analytics

Security threats don't follow templates, and neither should you. Our Security Analytics specialization teaches you how to use the Elastic Stack to ingest and transform security data for ad hoc threat hunting and interactive investigation.

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