Compelling Elastic Stack use cases shared on #ElasticStories

It’s that time again when we showcase a handful of the myriad of Elastic Stack use cases our community has tweeted at #ElasticStories

Our last post on the topic, Beyond the comfort zone and other #ElasticStories, highlighted how our products pushed developers to think outside their skill sets. Other projects we highlighted, including a business intelligence tool, were designed to better the world and detect cyber intrusions.

As was the case with the previous tweets we showcased, other posts on #ElasticStories present some standout use cases as well. These and other ELK Stack projects inspire us to create even more awesome services, both free and paid. 

Patently fabulous

Consider the tweet from @TurnipInno, a company that helps researchers, inventors, and analysts gather intelligence. What they’ve created with the Elastic Stack is, pun intended, patently fabulous.

Rahul Kapoor, the company’s founder, tells us that “Elasticsearch is now at the heart of our software architecture.”

Internet of Things

Then there’s this tweet from @suikast420. He is the tech leader at Amova, a company that builds automated processes and highly-developed systems for transporting and storing products. He notes that he’s going into production with the Elastic APM. The APM deployment, he told us, goes hand in hand with an Internet of Things project he’s developing.

A SIEM named "Excalibur" 

@IvanNinichuck, a freelance programmer, tweeted that he is using Elastic for, among other things, a SIEM solution:

The body politic

Election season is nearing in the United States, and the Democratic debates are in full swing, which means the party's next presidential nominee is still undecided. How the candidates are performing on social media is the subject of an Elastic Stack project from @LissenerCo.

Share your #ElasticStories

We cannot say enough about how humbled and inspired we are by the community’s Elastic Stack use cases. So keep up the good work and continue showing off your #ElasticStories. We just might publish your story on our blog or in our Community Newsletter.

The only limit to the Elastic Stack is your imagination….

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