Beyond the comfort zone and other #ElasticStories

It wasn’t too long ago when we asked the Elastic community to tweet at #ElasticStories, a new hashtag to share Elastic Stack use cases, features that made life easier, challenges, milestones and you name it.

We’ve been retweeting and responding to the myriad of tweets ever since we kicked off this unfiltered #ElasticStories Twitter forum. We had also promised that we would share on our blog some of the tweets we found inspiring.

Following up on that pledge, we’re about to highlight tweets showcasing how our tech pushed devs beyond their comfort zones; how it was deployed to better the human condition; how it can thwart cyber attacks; and how the Elastic Stack was harnessed to build a business intelligence tool in just six months.

Comfort zone

When it comes to comfort zone boundaries, consider the tweet from @jasd3v0pslab:

Replies from @AnanandBhavay and @sunilmchaudhari echoed similar sentiments. Those are heartwarming messages to be sure. We hope to hear more from these community members as they progress with the Elastic Stack.

Bettering the world

Equally moving is hearing fresh stories about how our technology is making the world a better place. That’s why we give out Cause Awards to people and companies doing good with our products and solutions.

@DevoteamNL has tweeted an entire use case — “Monitoring and Operational Analytics at a Water Services Company” — a story about “how to ensure high-quality drinking water” for more than 3 million households and others who “depend on it.”

On the flip side, @HKcyberstark has tweeted a use case designed to prevent others from doing bad things — in this case — from attacking networks:

“Elastic stack can be used as an effective security analytics platform when architected efficiently,” according to the GitHub ticket. “Threat feeds indexed into Elastic can be compared and proceeded with your security data (firewall, IPS/IDS, proxy data) for automatic alerting and visualization when your network traffic is talking with such Indicators of compromise.”

Speedy development

Another use case we found amazing was the one tweeted by @vanton_, the CEO of Cytech Mobile. He tweeted a link that his team developed a standalone business intelligence tool for telecoms in just six months with the Elastic Stack:

“There were other reasons we loved Elastic as well, it was open-source, backed by a technically strong company which was growing really fast. So we were confident that we can invest our time and money basing our new product on their technology.”

Tweet at #ElasticStories

Elastic plans on publishing many more posts on our blog and Community Newsletter highlighting tweets on #ElasticStories. So keep on sharing your #ElasticStories regardless of their simplicity or complexity — and show the Elastic community what you’ve achieved and what’s possible.

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