Elastic Cause Awards 2.0

Using Elastic to do good in or for the world? Apply for the 2018 Elastic Cause Awards.

Recently, we celebrated Elastic’s fifth anniversary. As I reflected on that milestone for the company, I decided to go back and re-read Shay’s announcement post – You know, For Search (Inc).

In reading through the post, I recalled an anecdote –  shared at many points by each one of our founders – about the insightful moments they experienced when comments were still activated on the blog. What they found there profoundly changed their view on what was possible with our software.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 2.45.43 PM.png

Empowering health workers in Rwanda and tracking malaria medicine in Cambodia…none of our founders could have anticipated that our software was solving humanitarian problems across the globe (and especially in developing nations).

Fast forward 3 years and I can attest that we still are in awe and are truly humbled every time we hear of someone doing something good in the world with our software. Whether it’s something like the fine folks at Yale working to discover causes and cures for cancer or our friends at Giant Oak who broke up a major black market rhino horn trading operation, we couldn’t be more proud to have played a small part in the betterment of the human condition.

These stories of people doing good in the world and for the world – that fill us with the proverbial warm fuzzies – were the basis for the establishment of the Elastic Cause Awards in 2017. We were thrilled to honor our first three Cause Award recipients who worked to combat human trafficking (IST Research), tracking the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone (eHealth Africa), and rooting out the potential deadly effects of school violence (

Now, we are even more thrilled to announce the opening of the application period for the Elastic Cause Awards 2.0. If you are part of a project (or just know about one) where you are doing something good in or for the world (whether the scope is local, regional, or global) please take a moment to apply today.

The application period is open now through December 15, 2017 and we will be announcing the final honorees at Elastic{ON} 2018 in San Francisco, February 26 – March 1. All honorees will be invited to present their project work on one of our stages.

To apply for — or just find out more about — the Elastic Cause Awards, including all of the deadlines, application information, and details on what you receive as an Elastic Cause Awards honoree, visit our site.