Elastic Solutions

Do you just want to tail a log file? Or know which IP addresses to block? Or index a million documents for fast search? Here are just a few ways the Elastic Stack comes together for you.

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NewView your logs, metrics, and APM data in one place from the Infrastructure UI in Kibana. Plus, distributed tracing for APM is now generally available.  Learn More

You Start with One Use Case, Expand to Others

Often, users get started with the Elastic Stack by tinkering with it and building a prototype. Many users try building a search experience for a website and find that it's fast, it's scalable, it's fantastic.

But websites have logs. Why not index those too? And wouldn't it be handy to view metrics streaming off systems alongside all the searches and the logs? Soon enough, said users are pushing their fifth cluster and fourth use case to production.

That's Because It’s Easy to Use, Easy to Scale

The coming together of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash into the Elastic Stack started with a single goal: be there for our users and make their lives simpler.

From the moment of download to pushing to prod, we want our products to live up to solving the problems our users face. Central to that is engineering products that are easy to use and add concrete value every step of the way.