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Learn more about technical topics for developers and practitioners across the Elastic Search Platform.

Secure your cloud with Cloud Workload Protection in Elastic Security

Elastic Security 8.2 introduces our nascent Cloud Security capabilities with Cloud Workload Protection use cases within Elastic Security

Elastic on Elastic: How we saved $100,000/month by keeping our own software up to date

Elasticsearch enhancements added in 7.15+, lowers data transfer and storage (DTS) and can lower your Elastic Cloud bills. Learn how our cloud observability team saved $100,000 and upgrade to 8.1 today.

Elastic's response to the Spring4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2022-22965)

Provide executive-level details about CVE-2022-22965, a recently-disclosed remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability also known as “Spring4Shell”.


The Linux process and session model as part of security alerting and monitoring

In this blog, we will provide background on the Linux process model, a key aspect of how Linux workloads are represented.


How Elastic approaches accessibility in Kibana


How to automate verification of deployments with Argo Rollouts and Elastic Observability

Deployment strategies like blue-green and canary allow building and shipping your software releases with control. But this doesn't mean that you are error-free. But you can minimize the damage by integrating Argos Rollout and Elastic Observability.


A comprehensive guide on threat hunting for persistence with osquery

With the collection of osquery data combined with the power of Elastic Stack, users can greatly expand their endpoint telemetry, enabling enhanced detection and investigation and improving hunting for vulnerabilities and anomalous activities.


Elastic on Elastic - Using Elastic Observability to optimize the performance of detection rules in Elastic Security


How auto instrumentation with the next iteration of the Elastic APM .NET Agent works

This powerful capability allows the .NET APM agent to instrument and trace code that would otherwise be unfeasible.


How to analyze and optimize the storage footprint of your Elastic deployment

Have you ever looked at your indices and would like more detail on what is driving storage consumption in your Elastic deployment?


Categorize your logs with Elasticsearch categorize_text aggregation

Categorize_text expands the toolset for exploring your logs. It automatically clusters logs, taking advantage of all the flexibility and power of the extensive Elasticsearch aggregation framework, now in 7.16.


How to build a cybersecurity asset management solution on the Elastic Stack

Within the Elastic InfoSec team, we decided not to accept the status quo, and built a cybersecurity asset management solution on the Elastic Stack as one of the building blocks of a proactive and end-to-end security strategy.