Articles by Jeff Vestal

Principal Solutions Architect, Elastic

With a rich background spanning over a decade in financial trading firms and extensive experience with Elasticsearch, he offers a unique blend of operational acumen, engineering skill, and machine learning expertise. As a Principal Customer Enterprise Architect, he excels in crafting innovative solutions, leveraging Elasticsearch's advanced search capabilities, machine learning features, and generative AI integrations, adeptly guiding users to transform complex data challenges into actionable insights.

The Elastic AI Assistant for Observability escapes Kibana!

Harness the Elastic AI Assistant API to seamlessly blend Elastic's Observability capabilities into your daily workflow, from Slack to the command line, boosting efficiency and decision-making. Work smarter, not harder.


The generative AI societal shift

Learn how Elastic is at the forefront of the Large Language Models revolution –– helping users take LLMs to new heights by providing real-time information and integrating LLMs into search, observability, and security systems for data analysis.


Unlocking the potential of large language models: Elastic's first code contribution to LangChain

In this blog, we explore the exciting synergy between Langchain and Elasticsearch, two powerful tools transforming the landscape of large language models. We provide an overview of the collaboration and its potential to shape application development.


ChatGPT and Elasticsearch: OpenAI meets private data

Explore the integration of Elasticsearch's search relevance capability with ChatGPT's question-answering capability to enhance your domain-specific knowledge base. Learn how to harness ChatGPT to enrich your information repository like never before!


Service monitoring and availability made simple with Elastic Uptime and Heartbeat

Follow along as we configure Elastic Uptime to monitor your host, website, and API's up/down availability, response duration, status code, and TLS certificate validation.