Articles by Angelos Kottas

Vice President, Product Marketing, Elastic


ElasticON Global 2021: Search, solve, and succeed with Elastic

At ElasticON Global 2021, we shared our vision for the future of the Elastic Search Platform and how new innovations will continue to empower you to search, solve, and succeed.


Elastic 7.14.0 introduces the industry’s first free and open Limitless XDR

Elastic 7.14 delivers free & open Limitless XDR, delivering unified SIEM and endpoint security capabilities in one platform. Elastic Agent enables simpler and faster data collection with integrated security and centralized agent management.


Elastic 7.13.0 released: Search and store more data on Elastic

Elastic 7.13 delivers cost-effective search across more data with searchable snapshots and the frozen tier, analyst-driven data enhancements on the fly with runtime fields, and expanded Microsoft integrations.


Elastic 7.12 released: General availability of schema on read, technical preview of the frozen tier, and support for autoscaling

Elastic 7.12 enables customers to choose between unmatched flexibility and speed with schema on read, unlock new value by making object stores fully searchable with the new frozen tier, and automatically scale deployments on Elastic Cloud.


Elastic 7.11 released: General availability of searchable snapshots and the new cold tier, and the beta of schema on read

Elastic 7.11 lets you optimize for cost, performance, insight, and flexibility with the GA of searchable snapshots and the beta of schema on read. We’ve also introduced enhancements across Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security.


Elastic 7.10 released, with a beta of searchable snapshots and the GA of Kibana Lens

Elastic 7.10 transforms the way in which our customers and users can trade off cost, performance, and depth of data with searchable snapshots. Kibana Lens is GA, and Elastic Observability is expanding user experience monitoring and synthetics.


Elastic 7.9 released, with free distribution tier of features of Workplace Search and endpoint security

Elastic 7.9 delivers new capabilities to market. Get started with a new free tier of features of Workplace Search, and transform how you onboard data with the new Elastic Agent. Plus, one-click free malware prevention is built into Elastic Security.


Elastic Stack 7.8.0 released

Elastic Stack 7.8 delivers new capabilities to market, helping our customers and users onboard more data into Elastic, streamline navigation and management, and power deeper investigations and greater insights from that data across use cases.