Articles by Steve Kearns

Elastic 7.9 delivers new capabilities to market. Get started with a new free tier of features of Workplace Search, and transform how you onboard data with the new Elastic Agent. Plus, one-click free malware prevention is built into Elastic Security...

Elastic Stack 7.8 delivers new capabilities to market, helping our customers and users onboard more data into Elastic, streamline navigation and management, and power deeper investigations and greater insights from that data across use cases...

From the very beginning, the Elastic (ELK) Stack — Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, and Kibana — has been free and open.

Logstash 7.6.0 has arrived, with new deprecation logging, improved JDBC support, and more!

New in 7.5: more intuitive visualizations, improvements to our Observability and Security solutions, and Elastic Enterprise Search joins the release train.

In Beats 7.5, we introduce turnkey monitoring of Microsoft Azure metrics and logs, and even more improvements for monitoring Kubernetes.

Logstash 7.5 has arrived, featuring improved consistency and ease of use with integration plugins.

Featuring new machine learning models, snapshot lifecycle management, cyber attack maps for Elastic SIEM, and more.

We are thrilled to announce that version 7.3 of the Elastic Stack has arrived, and it’s another good one.