Articles by Ashutosh Kulkarni

Chief Executive Officer, Elastic


Building for the future

Hundreds of customers gathered at ElasticON AI in San Francisco. It was incredible to see what our customers are building with Elastic and AI.


CEO Ash Kulkarni's email to Elastic employees

Today, I have the sad responsibility to announce we are reducing our team by about 13%.


Elastic Stands with Ukraine

Elastic stands with Ukraine as they defend themselves against the senseless aggression by the Russian military on their sovereign homeland.


Elastic підтримує Україну

Elastic підтримує українців в боротьбі проти безпідставного вторгнення російських військ на територію їхньої суверенної батьківщини.


Elastic and Amazon Reach Agreement on Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

We’re pleased to share that Elastic and Amazon have resolved the trademark infringement lawsuit related to the term Elasticsearch. Now the only Elasticsearch service on AWS and the AWS Marketplace is Elastic Cloud.


Shay Banon to (re)assume the role of CTO, Ash Kulkarni promoted to CEO

Shay Banon Reassumes Role of Chief Technology Officer and Continues as Board Member


Elastic and Optimyze join forces to deliver "always on" continuous profiling of infrastructure, applications, and services

We are excited to announce that Elastic is joining forces with Optimyze, to accelerate our vision for unified, actionable observability and enhance the ability to detect and find root cause faster in complex distributed environments.


ElasticON Global 2021: Search, solve, and succeed with Elastic

At ElasticON Global 2021, we shared our vision for the future of the Elastic Search Platform and how new innovations will continue to empower you to search, solve, and succeed.


Elastic and Cmd join forces to help you take command of your cloud workloads

Elastic is joining forces with Cmd to accelerate our efforts in Cloud security - specifically in cloud workload runtime security.