Building for the future


Hundreds of customers gathered at last week’s ElasticON AI in San Francisco. It was incredible to see what our customers are building with Elastic and AI. It was so energizing to see the innovation that our customers are doing every day and Generative AI has only accelerated that innovation. Our co-founder and CTO, Shay Banon, spoke about the evolution and critical role of search, especially in the current landscape, and we’re proud to be the leading search analytics platform enabling the creation of a new wave of Generative AI applications.

elasticon ai

Investing in the future 

Unstructured data is everywhere and growing exponentially. Generative AI is increasing the need for real-time, high-relevance search — and that’s what we do best. We are investing to ensure Lucene is by far the best and most trusted vector database in the world, and Elasticsearch remains hands down the best platform for Generative AI applications. 

We could not be more excited about our innovations in these areas and believe the value they will bring to customers is unlimited. 

We are also investing in Elastic Cloud with the upcoming private beta of our serverless, fully-managed offerings. Today more than 40% of our revenue comes from Cloud, and this year we received top partner awards from Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud. We will work hard to continue to make Elastic Cloud the easiest, most flexible solution for our customers. 

Customer first 

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we want our go-to-market teams to reflect this relentless customer focus. We see an opportunity to further strengthen and streamline all of our go-to-market activities by unifying our sales, service, and customer success teams under a chief revenue officer (CRO). Hiring a CRO to unify the go-to-market functions will unlock even greater opportunities for us to help our customers grow their consumption on Elastic Cloud and accelerate their expansion on our AI powered Search Analytics platform.

With this change, our chief customer officer, Rick Laner, will report to the new CRO and Michael Cremen will be leaving Elastic at the end of our second quarter. 

Our excitement in the long-term is stronger than ever. Our innovations in the area of ML and Generative AI, and our upcoming serverless offerings will be the foundations of our customers’ continued success for years to come. We have an incredible team of talented, committed employees and I’m excited to see what we will build in partnership with our customers.

We are building a generational company, and we are just getting started!