A Bit About Our Team

These are some of the things that make us tick.

Meet Marketing

As a global community that can tell compelling stories for days (maybe weeks), our team pairs with customers to map their user journey with Elastic and help showcase their experiences, triumphs, and lessons learned. Our team helps connect the dots — from our user’s first time downloading Elastic products to deploying their use cases into production.

Deborah Wiltshire

VP Global Comms & Customer Advocacy

Stephanie Hudson

Senior Director, Customer Advocacy

We are the keepers of company voice, tone, and style in all writing and are tied into content generation across the company. From blog posts to emails to conference collateral and web pages, we’ve taken an oath to string together words that are helpful, concise, and kind — no matter the rhetorical situation. We nerd out over hyphens and give peer reviews on demand. It’s a collaborative, not competitive community of writers pursuing the ultimate goal: to translate intangible Elastic-ness into print.

Haley Eshagh

Content & Editorial Team Lead

From mapping out email marketing campaigns to audience segmentation, webinar programs, targeted ads, and event promotion, our team focuses on identifying, building, and progressing our relationship with the community. Together, we eat, sleep, and breathe the funnel and the analytics that go with it.

Scott Fingerhut

Vice President of Demand Generation

Some of us have a pen persistently tucked behind an ear. Others conjure the work of Paul Rand by creating a symphony of color as they assemble their next illustrated or animated project. Our design work ranges from product-inspired doodles and blue-whale-sized infographics to zeitgeist campaigns and gotta-have-it swag.

Michal Woroniecki

Senior Creative Director

We can plan a conference for thousands of people, and don’t bat an eye when Elastic decides to go on a global, 25-city event tour. As planning masterminds, our team knows how to wrangle resources and meet deadlines as we pull off high-impact and memorable programs for our users, customers, partners, and community.

Katy Wright

Senior Events Manager

We are a group of creative technologists that live at the intersection of engineering and storytelling. From producing a video tutorial to composing a complex demo, we love creating technical content that connects the what, how, and why of our product stack in an authentic and engaging way. Whether it’s a minor release or a new product launch, we drive all aspects of the go-to-market strategy — from defining the core message to getting the company enabled and aligned on it. Product managers bring products to life, we bring them to market.

Asawari Samant

Director of Product Marketing

Perhaps the most distributed of all the marketing teams, our group drives tailored programs and events for sales teams around the globe. From regional and customer-specific workshops to scalable, on-demand localized campaigns and blog posts, our crew consists of don’t-worry-we’ve-got-this team members that know how to get it done with the best of ‘em, wherever and in whatever language needed.

Sejal Korenromp

Senior Director of Field Marketing

Our group of organizational whizzes solve the puzzle of how to get things done. By blending business demands with Marketing’s creativity, we help turn ideas into successful projects. Our web masterminds are detail-oriented and relentless when it comes to delivering quality web experiences. We keep the Marketing team running through a combination of analytical and communication skills, while switching between going into the details and seeing the big picture simultaneously — everything from swag production to a new page on the website.

Elizabeth Tauscher

Senior Program Manager

Sylvie Shimizu

Senior Web Manager

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