At its heart, ours is a search-engineering business. Our culture and how we work are shaped by our foundation in open source and the fact that we’ve been a global, distributed company from day one. Collaboration and transparency are key to our success as we strive to make the world of data easier to navigate.

A bit about our team

These are some of the things that make us tick.

Be in our community

Be in our community

Along with writing code, we answer questions, post blogs, speak at conferences, and interact with contributors on a regular basis.

Pursue your passion

Pursue your passion

Think about what’s possible and take initiative. Timelion and Graph started as side projects that later became full-blown features.

Work collaboratively

Work collaboratively

We support each other. Regardless of title, the entire team collaborates to ensure customer success, from sales calls to bug fixes.

Meet Engineering

Software is where we build new tools to enable our community to do more. Our engineering teams are comprised of a diverse mix of people building the Elastic Stack products our users love.

Some teams are big, some are small, some are highly distributed, others are less so. Some of our engineers are specialists in things like search, data ingestion, UI, and machine learning. Others are talented generalists who cover multiple areas and find new ways to integrate and improve our component technologies.

Tools, languages, and what jokes get people laughing might vary across teams, but the fundamental processes are the same. Want to build a new feature or have an idea? Chase it down. Find a bug? Fix it. Then open a PR, ask some truly phenomenal people to review it, fine tune it, and merge it.


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