Synthetic monitoring (experimental)

Your website users follow specific journeys to accomplish a goal. Will any step in their journey result in an error, impacting the desired outcome? How will new features impact performance or experience? Find out before your users do with our real browser-based synthetic monitoring capabilities.


In 7.11, identify bottlenecks during synthetic test runs using a waterfall view.

Test user journeys proactively, deliver smooth experiences consistently

Simulate the user experience across multistep journeys — like the checkout flow for an ecommerce store or the login path for digital content. See exactly what the browser displays for each step alongside the test script. Capture detailed status info like duration and errors along the way, then click to jump into a waterfall view to identify and fix problematic areas and create exceptional digital experiences for your users.


Want to learn more as synthetic monitoring evolves? Stay in the know with feature updates:


Debug locally, test globally

Create rich test scripts for single and multistep flows using the Playwright framework. Run your tests locally to debug and optimize end-to-end flows.  Ready to deploy your code? Package and ship the same scripts to proactively monitor your live production system so you can keep catching issues before your users do.