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Accelerate time to insight with your preferred cloud marketplace

Drive results with award-winning scalability and flexibility when you deploy via the cloud marketplace of your choice. Deploy Elastic via the AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud marketplace to streamline your onboarding faster with the tools you already know and take action, in real time.

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Cloud Marketplace

Deploy and scale, in minutes

Search, observe, and protect your environment on your preferred cloud provider. Take advantage of AI-powered insights to find answers that matter, faster and at scale.

  • Leverage near limitless scale and possibility when you deploy Elastic on AWS as a native experience from the AWS Console. Explore in a free 7-day trial.

  • Stream Azure Platform Logs or monitor your virtual machine with just a few clicks with Elastic’s native integration within the Azure Portal.

  • Turn data into actionable intelligence in minutes when you draw powerful insights from your data with Elastic on Google Cloud.

Better together

Benefits of cloud marketplace deployments

Run Elastic on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud and leverage the tools you’re already familiar with. Unify your data to derive insights with interactive visualizations to drive results.

  • Exclusive integrations

    Take advantage of more than 30 integrations for popular AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. Leverage more than 20 integrations for popular Azure services like Azure Event Hub. Or benefit from nearly 20 integrations with Google Cloud like PubSub.

  • Support and security

    Run in multiple regions and get high availability. Reduce risk and disruption with automatic upgrades and the latest security patches. Get training, support, and consulting services 24/7.

  • Commitment draw down

    Get one consolidated bill and draw against your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud spend when using Elastic through your cloud provider marketplace. Leverage your existing billing account with the cloud providers of your choice.

  • Hosted Elastic Stack

    Leave maintenance and upkeep to us with our cloud service offering. Provision Elastic on your preferred cloud provider and optimize your deployment with best practices built for your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud infrastructure.

  • Global Footprint

    Spin up deployments on Elastic Cloud in any of the 50+ regions around the world we support — across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

  • Governance

    Manage your organization's procurement and purchased products to help mitigate risk vectors to your organization through unauthorized software purchases and deployment.

Generative AI

Scale up your organization with generative AI

Build tailored customer and employee experiences with large language models and generative AI using Elastic. Securely and cost-effectively link to proprietary data to provide real-time, domain-specific, accurate output, at scale.

Innovative solutions

Award-winning technology

Learn more about how Elastic plus your favorite cloud provider is better together. Get award winning scalability and flexibility across your environment when you deploy on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Elastic wins 2023 U.S. Amazon Web Services Rising Star Partner of the Year Award

    Elastic is pleased to have received the Rising Star award at the AWS Partner Summit. It recognizes the significant growth of shared customer transactions in AWS Marketplace and continuous work on AWS integrations.

  • Elastic wins Google Cloud's Global Technology Partner of the Year Award

    We are happy to announce that Elastic has won the 2023 Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year Award. This award is given to one Google Cloud partner at the forefront of digital innovation working with Google Cloud to solve today's biggest global challenges.

  • Elastic wins 2023 Worldwide and US Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

    Elastic is proud to have received two Partner of the Year awards from Microsoft, one for Worldwide Commercial Marketplace business and another for Business Transformation work on the Marketplace. Both recognize the innovative and unique solutions built to provide maximum value to customers.

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