Clear cache APIedit

Evicts users from the user cache. You can completely clear the cache or evict specific users.


POST /_security/realm/<realms>/_clear_cache

POST /_security/realm/<realms>/_clear_cache?usernames=<usernames>


User credentials are cached in memory on each node to avoid connecting to a remote authentication service or hitting the disk for every incoming request. There are realm settings that you can use to configure the user cache. For more information, see Controlling the user cache.

To evict roles from the role cache, see the Clear roles cache API. To evict privileges from the privilege cache, see the Clear privileges cache API. To evict API keys from the API key cache, see the Clear API key cache API.

Path parametersedit

(Required, string) Comma-separated list of realms to clear. To clear all realms, use *. Does not support other wildcard patterns.
(Optional, list) A comma-separated list of the users to clear from the cache. If you do not specify this parameter, the API evicts all users from the user cache.


For example, to evict all users cached by the file realm:

POST /_security/realm/default_file/_clear_cache

To evict selected users, specify the usernames parameter:

POST /_security/realm/default_file/_clear_cache?usernames=rdeniro,alpacino

To clear the caches for multiple realms, specify the realms as a comma-delimited list:

POST /_security/realm/default_file,ldap1/_clear_cache

To clear the caches for all realms, use *.

POST /_security/realm/*/_clear_cache