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Create an Elastic Cloud account

Get started with a 14-day trial. Once you go to cloud.elastic.co and create an account, follow the steps below to learn how to launch your first Elastic stack in any one of our 50+ supported regions globally.

If you click on Edit setting you can choose a cloud provider, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or AWS. Once you select your cloud provider you’ll be able to select the relevant region. Next, you have the option to choose between a few different hardware profiles so you can better customize the deployment to suit your needs. Plus, the latest version of Elastic has already been preselected for you.


While your deployment is being created, you’ll be given a username and password. Be sure to copy or download this as you’ll need it when you install your integrations.

Once your deployment is complete select, under the Search tab, Search across databases and business systems.



Connect to your databases with Elasticsearch

Select the connector to ingest data from your preferred datasource. In our case, we will use the MongoDB connector.


Next you’ll name the index where to ingest the MongoDB data. In the MongoDB configuration screen enter the information gathered above. Be sure to set the ‘Direct connection’ to ‘false’, unless there is a reason to force reads against a specific named host (Refer MongoDB connection guide for details)


After you’ve entered your information select the Scheduling tab to set the database synchronization schedule you prefer for your use case. After configuring the scheduling options, click Sync complete the process.

Next steps

Thanks for taking the time to connect your databases to Elasticsearch with Elastic Cloud.

As you begin your journey with Elastic, understand some operational, security, and data components you should manage as a user when you deploy across your environment.


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