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How to ingest and enrich data for search

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Sean Story
Sean Story

Principal Software Engineer I


Steve Shangguan
Steve Shangguan

Principal Solutions Architect



Great search experiences are built on top of great data. However, there are some common challenges in bringing all your data to search. Data can live in many places, such as relational databases, webpages, file systems, or network drives. Once you know where your data lives, you may need to think about data freshness, or transformation rules at ingest time. The next set of challenges may involve implementing scheduling logic, defining crawl rules, or setting up content extraction or content manipulation.

Elastic Enterprise Search includes a wide range of data ingestion capabilities that help solve these challenges, so you can focus on building a great search experience.


  • How to bring disparate data into a single place to create exceptional search experiences
  • Tools to use for your specific types of data, including the Elastic web crawler, catalog of connectors, custom connector framework for proprietary data, and data and ML inference pipelines
  • Live demos using customer support datasets

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