Start your programming journey with Django Girls Silicon Valley

We're looking forward to Elastic{ON}17 for a lot of reasons. It's the largest gathering of the Elastic Stack community, has a jam-packed agenda of interesting talks, and is a chance to get our distributed engineering team together in one place (and time zone). Bringing everyone together lets us engage in some group volunteer work, and take advantage of the unique skills on the team.

One of the organizations we're passionate about supporting is Django Girls — and we're incredibly excited to bring the Django Girls workshop to Mountain View just prior to our conference.

You go girl!

Django Girls is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to bringing underrepresented voices into technology, with a focus on women. It enables folks to organize local workshops, and make learning how to program accessible and fun by building a web application using HTML, CSS, Python and Django.

We first got involved with Django Girls via Honza Král, a member of the Elastic consulting team. He's been a frequent coach in past workshops, and made introductions that let us sponsor some of the other workshops around the world — like Django Girls Windhoek and Django Girls Delhi. It was wonderful to be involved and to hear about the successes of the workshops (and the newly-minted programmers). We were even lucky enough to partner with and donate the proceeds of our 2015 Elastic{ON} tour stop to the organization.

Here at Elastic, we're big fans of democratizing technology. Technology is driving and revolutionizing a lot of exciting change — from self-driving cars, to Mars missions, to content distribution, and beyond. Bringing new perspectives to tech makes the industry better, and making the industry more accessible broadens the opportunities that individuals can pursue.

We're incredibly excited to bring the Django Girls workshop to Mountain View! 🎉 Some Elastic engineers are coming to town a day or two before Elastic{ON}, and using their Sunday, to coach at the workshop on March 5. Applications are open until February 19. If you know some folks in the Bay Area who are interested in learning how to program in a free, introductory workshop, please feel free to share this with them and encourage them to apply!

Finally: If you're interested in organizing a Django Girls workshop in your town, get in touch with the organization!

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