Revolutionizing telco procurement with the Elasticsearch Platform: A comprehensive approach to unifying licensing and reducing costs


In the fast-evolving landscape of business operations, telecommunications procurement departments are pivotal in spearheading cost efficiencies and technological advancements. A significant challenge in this realm is the management of disparate software solutions from multiple vendors. Telecom companies deal with complex systems, and having multiple tools that don't integrate well can lead to inefficiencies. This often results in overlapping data and functionalities, leading to inflated costs and complexities in maintenance, integration, and training. The diverse renewal cycles, compliance demands, and disparate usage tracking methodologies further complicate the formulation of an efficient and cost-effective IT strategy.

Unifying solutions with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch®, the search analytics platform, harnesses search powered AI so that organizations can find and take action on all of their data, at scale, and in real time. As a unifying solution, Elastic® amalgamates key product groups like data analytics and storage, observability, security, search, and generative AI core tools into one cohesive platform. This consolidation effectively eradicates data redundancies and streamlines management processes, substantially reducing the need for multiple licenses and vendor interactions, which can be a challenge for telcos who may be managing thousands of vendors already. By adopting Elastic, procurement teams can realize significant cost savings, operational efficiencies, and optimized data utilization, thereby forging a more streamlined and economically sustainable software procurement framework.

Beyond conventional boundaries: Elastic's expanded offering

Elasticsearch transcends its original utility, positioning itself as a versatile suite essential for contemporary business requirements. It encompasses robust solutions in security, observability, search, and business analytics, integrating cutting-edge AI-driven capabilities. These features render the Elasticsearch Platform an invaluable asset for procurement teams striving for efficiency and a strategic edge.

Security solutions

  • Elastic Security incorporates endpoint protection, EDR, SIEM, cloud posture management, and vulnerability management. This comprehensive suite safeguards against various cyber threats, monitors endpoint activities, and enhances network security through proactive threat detection and management.

Observability tools

  • Elastic Observability unifies logs, APM, and metrics — a vital capability for diagnosing system issues, monitoring application performance in real time, and providing quantifiable metrics to assess IT system health and performance.

Search and analytics

  • Search seamlessly across information, retrieve relevant results with generative AI, and enhance the usability of business applications. Kibana®'s capabilities in generating insightful visualizations and employing machine learning for predictive analytics are instrumental in powering data-driven decision-making.

Enhancing efficiency and reducing costs with Elastic

The integrated nature of Elastic plays a pivotal role in minimizing data overlaps often encountered with multiple platforms. Its centralized system simplifies data management, analysis, and utilization, translating into significant cost efficiencies. Illustrated by compelling case studies, the adoption of Elastic has enabled organizations to experience a significantly improved ROI. Several telcos, such as DISH, are leveraging Elastic for multiple use cases, especially across observability and security. This has led to substantial savings in operation, monitoring, and developer labor costs, alongside a notable reduction in data breach risks and infrastructure expenses. Recent Forrester studies have further validated these benefits.

Forrester study on Observability: Customers realized a 243% three-year ROI and $11 million in net benefits. Customers also saw a 75% decrease in time spent on new application development and deployment and an 85% reduction in time spent monitoring and resolving incidents.

Forrester study on Elasticsearch: Customers realized a 293% three-year ROI and $12 million in net benefits, including increased profitability, improved productivity, and reduced licensing and recruiting costs, by leveraging  Elasticsearch for AI/ML-powered search applications.

Forrester study on Security and Observability: Elastic was found to be 10 times faster at half the price of incumbent solutions. A unified observability and security solution drove combined benefits of protecting and observing mission-critical applications and services.

Maximize the business value of your data

Based on Elastic’s all-inclusive platform approach, organizations can optimize and streamline operations with significant cost savings. Many organizations are focussing on reducing tools, and Elastic is the solution of choice to facilitate and accelerate this movement. Given that telcos often work with a diverse ecosystem of vendors to support various aspects of their operations, having the ability to consolidate tools is critical for procurement organizations.

Elastic's dedication to empowering telco procurement teams is steadfast and deeply rooted in our core values. We are not just committed to identifying opportunities where we can deliver substantial benefits; we go a step further by aiding in the creation of domain-specific centers of excellence. Our approach extends beyond mere licensing; we focus on enabling teams to extract maximum business value from their data.

We've witnessed how our diverse clientele's procurement departments have become pivotal change agents. They've effectively challenged operational and technology choices across various business and operational departments, leading to significant cost reductions and optimized return on investment. What's more remarkable is the way these procurement teams have managed to align their solutions with the expectations and needs of their internal customers, successfully overcoming initial hesitations. This has resulted in a win-win situation where cost-efficiency is achieved without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of the technological solutions adopted.

Our role at Elastic is to facilitate this transformative journey, ensuring that procurement teams are equipped not only with the right tools but also with the strategic insight to make impactful decisions. It's about fostering a collaborative environment where procurement is seen as a key driver of business efficiency and innovation.

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