The Total Economic Impact™ of Elasticsearch

A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting reveals Elasticsearch customers realized a 293% three-year ROI and $12 million in net benefits, including increased profitability, improved productivity, and reduced licensing and recruiting costs. Read this study to learn more.

Elastic commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview five customers who are using Elasticsearch for AI/ML-powered search applications and combined the results into a single composite organization to determine the benefits of fast, personalized and relevant search responses, user and data source scalability, stability, functionality, and flexibility.


"We have quadrupled the revenue of our data analytics solution due to [Elasticsearch]..."
- Director of data analytics and engineering R&D, networking products


"In one application we were able to quickly scale up from 1,000 clients to 9,000 clients."
- Global head of sales management platform, financial services

Read this study to learn:

  • How Elasticsearch customers saw a 293% ROI after their investment
  • How customers boosted revenue by 5% in 3 years
  • How a composite organization achieves $12 million in net-benefits from Elastic
  • How Elasticsearch can increase profitability, improve employee and IT productivity, and reduce licensing and recruiting costs


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