The Total Economic Impact of Elastic Observability and Security Solutions

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview four customers who are using our observability and security solutions to determine the combined benefits of protecting and observing mission-critical applications and services.

Read this study to learn:

  • How Elastic was found to be 10 times faster at half the price of incumbent solutions
  • The trends in market leading companies to leverage a single platform for observability and security 
  • How a composite organization achieves a present value of $19 million in benefits from Elastic
  • How Elastic can accelerate your ability to deliver innovation to your customers and community

“The time it takes to identify a root cause has gone down about 80%, be it small threats or one that requires weeks to investigate. It not only takes less time to determine what happens, but we have a more precise understanding of the threat, too.”
- Detection engineering lead, technology

“We call our forecasting mechanism, ‘pre-mortem,’ identifying developing problems days to months in advance of when they would actually occur if we didn’t have Elastic’s ML. Our service level is 99.999%.”
- Manager of streaming service monitoring, telecommunications

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