Articles by Jürgen Obermann

Senior Global Account Executive, Elastic


Chatbots, AI, and human resources: A winning combination for telco and enterprise organizations

The integration of generative AI with Elastic Stack can transform the onboarding experience into something that is not just efficient, but also engaging and reassuring for new employees in telecommunications.


Revolutionizing telco procurement with the Elasticsearch Platform: A comprehensive approach to unifying licensing and reducing costs

Elastic helps telco procurement teams unify software solutions and reduce operational and licensing costs. Learn about the benefits of using the Elasticsearch Platform for your organization.


Harnessing the power of generative AI in telecom with Elastic Stack

The integration of Elastic and generative AI is ushering in a new era of operational efficiency and innovation. Learn how these technologies are augmenting network operations and revolutionizing internal processes across telecom operations.


The impact of NWDAF on telco service providers: Embracing vendor agnostic data analytics

By combining the power of NWDAF with vendor agnostic data analytics, network operators can obtain a comprehensive and unbiased view of their network performance, empowering them to make better decisions and improve user experience.


Embracing 5G: A new era of challenges

Given the vast amount of data needed to monitor 5G networks, the need for robust, flexible, and scalable solutions to manage and analyze data has become crucial. Wilab and Elastic provide an ideal solution to address these challenges.