Virtual Elastic{ON} Gov Summit: Mindsets, solutions, and user stories for the future

We hosted our first ever virtual Elastic{ON} Gov Summit with one primary goal: recreate the collaboration and community-building we normally enjoy at our in-person Gov Summit in a new, virtual format. And we were humbled to be able to do just that. The event gathered more than 2,000 registered attendees from across government agencies and partners to collaborate while so many of us were social distancing across the nation.

All of the sessions from the day are available on demand, but I wanted to highlight a few talks with helpful insights on the mindsets, solutions, and user stories that will help government agencies continue to innovate and meet mission challenges in the future. 

Shay’s keynote: Guiding principles and community collaboration

Elastic founder and CEO Shay Banon shared how the simple concepts behind our “Search. Observe. Protect.” mission guide the development of solutions for our government users. Watch the keynote to hear why he believes giving agencies control over their data starts with a search box and how the primary motivator at Elastic is collaboration between users and developers.

Watch the keynote

Solutions for 2020 and beyond

Elastic product managers and experts took to the (virtual) stage to highlight the latest solutions designed to help public sector professionals meet missions and mandates. These included our FedRAMP “In-Process” GovCloud offering of Elasticsearch Service, Elastic Security, and the brand new Workplace Search.

Elastic Cloud — FedRAMP "In Process"

Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is the simplest way to securely deploy solutions for enterprise search, observability, and security use cases in the government cloud. If your agency is modernizing to the cloud, watch this talk for an overview of all things Elastic Cloud and start your extended, 30-day trial of our FedRAMP “In Process” offering on AWS GovCloud

Watch the session on Elastic Cloud and FedRAMP

Spotlight on Elastic Security

Mike Nichols, Product Lead for Elastic Security, showcased the powerful potential of enterprise protection built on the Elastic Stack. Watch the video to see how Elastic Security is designed to eliminate blind spots, stop threats at scale, and arm every analyst with the tools needed to find and focus on priority programs and threats.

Watch the session on Elastic Security

Introducing Elastic Workplace Search

The newly released Workplace Search helps government agencies increase productivity by delivering personalized search experiences across content platforms. With Workplace Search, analysts can quickly put an intuitive and powerful search interface on collections of documents so they can orient themselves, build context, and build a plan for their next level of investigation. Watch the full video to see how agencies looking to replace tools like Google Search Appliance can use Workplace Search to quickly find information across content sources including Google Drive, Sharepoint, GitHub, and ServiceNow.

Watch the session on Elastic Workplace Search

User story: Advanced search in action at Harris County

Shing Lin, CTO for the Harris County Central Technology Services in Texas, shared how his organization developed the Law Enforcement Network Search (LENS) search capability. LENS was created to meet an urgent need to accelerate crime investigation and prosecution capabilities. Watch the full video to hear how the LENS tool applies search technology to enable rapid search and data correlation that simplifies research, streamlines investigations, and produces meaningful results to help the Harris County and regional law enforcement community solve violent crimes and prosecute the offenders.

Watch the full talk from the Harris County CTO

Continue the conversation and join us in October 2020

Whether you were able to join us live or not, we want to help you keep the learning and community connections alive. We’re always happy to put you in touch with other public sector users to discuss use cases. Email us at directly or join in the Elastic Public Sector Slack workspace, an online forum dedicated to the US public sector community. 

And we’re planning to bring the virtual community back together this October with an even larger global public sector summit. Sign up to get email updates and we’ll let you know as soon as registration launches.