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Learn more about what makes us who we are and meet Elasticians along the way.

Spotlight on support: Elastic's support team treats one another—and its customers—like humans

Support teams are the unsung heroes who keep customers happy and help them to get the most out of a product. Learn more about our team of support engineers and how they marry excellent customer service skills with product expertise.

Want a career in developer advocacy? Alexis Roberson's story will inspire you to apply

Alexis Roberson started her career in technology because of a challenge from a college professor. Now she's a developer advocate on Elastic’s community team. Read her story.

ERGs encourage you to come as you are: Meet Elasticians Unidos

September 15 through October 15 is Hispanic Heritage month—or as we like to call it, Elasticians Unidos Month. Learn more about how we're celebrating the month with our Elasticians Unidos ERG.


A cyber summer: Students experience Elastic during IU OmniSOC Cybersecurity Summer Internship Program

As a proud sponsor of the Indiana University OmniSOC Cyber Security Summer Internship program, read about how Elastic helps students not only learn about Elastic Security but experience it through interactive training and workshops.


Meet our 7 ERGs who are building communities at Elastic

Employee resource groups build a sense of community and belonging, provide an inclusive space for people with similar experiences, empower employees to share their voice, and amplify our DEI initiatives. Here’s a bit about each one.


How Elastic’s Tiffany Witwer Built a Career from Civil Engineering to Customer Success

With an overall positive outlook on life, Tiffany brings that same energy to her customers at work as the Head of Customer Success for Elastic. Tiffany shares her career journey from civil engineering to customer success.


You don't need to be perfect at work. Here’s how to adopt a different mindset.

Being perfect, at work or at home, sounds like a great goal. It can motivate you and engage you, but it can also lead to working longer hours and the inability to disengage. Here are a few ways to get out of the “I need to be perfect” mindset.


You deserve to be happy at work. Here’s how to get there.

What does happiness mean to you? What’s universally true is the right to be happy at work. So, while giving workers flexibility and support, we also have these tips for being (and staying) happy at work.


Playing to Her Strengths: The #1 lesson Taya Richardson learned as a sales leader at Elastic

Taya shares how she’s purposefully built a leadership path that fits her unique strengths and interests — as well as how Elastic’s people-first culture made that possible.


Someone Like Me: Eleni Syrmou on why working at Elastic means Greek sea views and a focus on family

The idea of Home, Dinner is to empower Elasticians with the flexibility they need to find a balance of work and personal lives. For Eleni, that’s walking to the beach every morning and being able to have lunch with her family.


Onboarding at Elastic: What to Expect

As a distributed company, we’re experts in remote onboarding. Learn how we onboard new hires at Elastic, and dive into X-School, our new hire orientation experience.


The Ultimate Guide To: Your first job after graduation

You’re not alone if you find post-graduate life to be overwhelming. You’re starting an entirely new phase and there’s no playbook for how to get it ‘right’. But don’t be intimidated by interviews and the relative unknown — we're here to help.