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Learn more about what makes us who we are and meet Elasticians along the way.


ERGs encourage you to come as you are: Meet Mil-asticians

Meet the Mil-asticians, an ERG for those that have a connection with the military community, no matter what the country.


How Elastic and Skillbridge help bridge the gap between military and civilian life

Participants in the Skillbridge program intern with Elastic during their final months in the military. Learn more about how the program helps members transition into a civilian career.


5 tips for improving your intercultural communication skills: ​Insight from Elastic's Anna Mascarello

Anna Mascarello creates and leads a global team that values diversity. Read about her professional trajectory in sales and her advice on how to improve your intercultural communication skills.


The Elastic Guide to: Finding a company you can grow with

Where do you want to be in 5 years? Here's how to find a company that will help you take the next steps in your career.


Someone Like Me: David Pilato reflects on 9 years at Elastic and why you need to step outside your comfort zone

David’s been a part of Elastic for more than nine years now—and he’s learned a lot along the way. Read his advice for finding confidence, getting out of your comfort zone, and boosting your career.


World Mental Health Day 2022: Supporting Elasticians and their families to Be.Well

World Mental Health Day is October 10th and is a time to raise awareness around prioritizing our mental health and continuing the conversation in the workplace.


5 tips for leading your remote team: Insight from Madhura Chopda, Director of Engineering at Elastic

Leading a team in a remote, global setting has its challenges. Madhura Chopda shares her 5 tips for successfully managing remote teams.


Spotlight on support: Elastic's support team treats one another—and its customers—like humans

Support teams are the unsung heroes who keep customers happy and help them to get the most out of a product. Learn more about our team of support engineers and how they marry excellent customer service skills with product expertise.


Want a career in developer advocacy? Alexis Roberson's story will inspire you to apply

Alexis Roberson started her career in technology because of a challenge from a college professor. Now she's a developer advocate on Elastic’s community team. Read her story.