Articles By Raya Fratkina

Conversion to the new platform has begun! Feature controls PR is in. New functionality went into Elastic Charts, GIS app and Canvas.

Kibana Plugin API Changes in 7.0 include changes to index pattern URL, legacy response handler and legacyIcon

EUI now officially supports TypeScript in its build process. Alerting service adopted a new direction.


Elastic Stack 6.5.4 has been released. Learn more about the fixes it contains.

We are removing PhantomJS in 7.0. Trigonometry Functions in TinyMath in Canvas. EUI palette updates.

We re continuing to improve styling of GIS app. Canvas team is working on workpad templates and grouping. New visual editor design is progressing.

Canvas has been merged to Master; Index migrations have been added; more sample data is coming in 6.5

Kibana 6.4 has been released. We are hard at work on new features for 6.5 and 7.0.